How to Create Shoify App using node js

What is Shopify app?

Shopify app is an application build for Shopify Store, it can add features to Shopify stores and extend the Shopify admin experience. Shopify app will provide more solution for Merchants and or to create unique buying experiences for customers. To Build an Shopify app, You can use php or node js. In this post, I will introduce build an example app using node js app.


  1. You must download and install Node.js if you don’t already have it.
  2. You must create a Shopify partner account if you don’t have one.
  3. You must create a store for testing if you don’t have one, either a development store or a Shopify Plus sandbox store.

Create Shopify app

Open terminal in your pc and run command line

npm init @shopify/app@latest -- --template=node

Enter project name

Run your app

You can cd to app folder and run

npm run dev

if you do not login, you can press any key to open Shopify partner login page. Complete login in the Browser and back to terminal , Select Create new app , enter app name ans select store

when app is running, enter key “p” to open app in your test store. Click to Install to install app

After that. you will see the app in your store development

edit App project/web/frontend/page/index.jsx to start building your app

And here is Result:

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