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We focus to apps help Merchants can configure and sell advanced products

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Shopify Apps

Huskify Product Labels

Highlights new, discount, sales products so Get customers’ attention and more sales, Merchants can upload , Customize Labels

Huskify Appointment Booking

Help Merchants can create Booking service like apartment, Restaurant, Concert, salon.. and help customer can book by simple click.

Booking hotel reservation

Help Merchants can create and configure hotel, tours and allow customer can book it by simple click.

Help Merchants provide service allow customer book by simply click

Welcome to our innovative Shopify app designed to empower merchants in offering advanced product configurations and seamless appointment booking services. Our solution is crafted to elevate the selling experience, enabling businesses to effortlessly manage and schedule appointments, providing customers with convenience and flexibility. With our app, merchants can unlock a world of possibilities, streamlining their operations while delivering exceptional customer service.

Join us in revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their clients and maximize their sales potential.

“they provide solution help me can publish my service on website and allow my customers can book our service easily”

Tony Warren

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Quality

Customers opt for apps from a dedicated web developer team due to the assurance of expertise and quality. A specialized team often brings together a range of skillsets, ensuring the app is well-built, reliable, and equipped with the latest technologies. Customers feel confident knowing that the app is crafted by professionals who understand the intricacies of development, resulting in a robust and user-friendly product.

Customization and Support

A developer team is equipped to offer tailored solutions and ongoing support. Customers appreciate apps that can be customized to fit their unique needs, and a developer team’s expertise enables them to accommodate specific requirements. Additionally, robust customer support provided by a dedicated team ensures that users receive timely assistance, resolving issues and enhancing their overall experience with the app

Innovative Features and Updates

Customers seek apps that evolve with their needs and industry trends. A web developer team is more likely to continuously innovate, adding new features and improvements to the app. This ongoing development ensures that customers have access to cutting-edge functionalities, keeping the app relevant and competitive in the market

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